I'm New

Whether you're brand new to church or looking for a place to boost your faith, we're confident that you will enjoy your visit with us, and want to come back again real soon.  30 cultural backgrounds already are represented in the church, so come feel at home with the diversity here.

When & Where? 

Our Sunday mornings take place at Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert School Gym, 6033 Madigan Drive NE, Calgary.  The school is very easily accessed from both 16th Ave NE and Memorial Drive East. Just follow the signs to church when you get to 68 Street and 8th Avenue NE.

We have two Sunday services back-to-back, with both services having totally different content.  The first service starts at 10:30 a.m., and the second service starts at 11:30 a.m. Kids' Sunday school happens during the first service.  You're more than welcome to come for just one sevice, but most folks choose to attend both. Church is done by 12:30 p.m.

What to wear?

Come as you are. Some people dress up and some dress casually. You will feel comfortable being dressed either way.

What to expect?

You will find a friendly group of people who attend church here mostly because they want to grow in Bible understanding; to know and experience God more.  Our worship is vibrant and sincere, and our sermons are easy to relate to.  We are a multicultural church with over 27 nations represented in our congregation. There are people here originating from every where from the Philippines to Fiji; from Hong Kong to the Congo and Nigeria; from Armenia to China, and from Jamaica to Haiti.  There are also people here from all across Canada.

What about my kids?

Bring them! Kids' Sunday School (for ages 3-12) happens every Sunday during the 10:30 a.m. service. Youth class (ages 13+) happens as it is scheduled.

Where do I park?

Plenty of parking is available in front of the gym entrance. Just follow the signs in the neighborhood, and at the school driveway entrance, straight to the easily visible and marked entrance for church. When it is occasionally needed, street parking is also available very close.

Other Church Times?

All through the week church gatherings, Bible Studies, etc. are announced in the monthly church newsletter and even on the website.

Our pastor and church leaders conduct house church and home Bible studies throughout the city. Call or text Pastor Henry at 403 978 5015 to find when and where the next group Bible study and/or prayer time is happening on your side of town.