Our Story So Far

In the early 1980s Rev E. S. McKeen came with his family from eastern Canada to Calgary to establish our church.  Bethel United Pentecostal Church originally started in the downtown area of Calgary then moved into the Northeast quadrant of the city.  Though retired and back in New Brunswick, Rev. McKeen is still very connected with us, and is such a great blessing in reminding the congregation of the miracles the church experienced in its early days.   

In July of 2007, Pastor Henry Poitras came to pastor Bethel.  Over the last few years the church has experienced a revival with now 27 cultural backgrounds worshipping together, as a leading United Pentecostal Church in Alberta.  

In 2012 the church moved from Airways Industrial Park to Marlborough Park.  In 2013 we decided to take on the title of “The Pentecostals of Calgary”.  Our vision is to maintain one main church location/beachhead with church happening in the West and South of Calgary too, and also in the surrounding towns.  

We look forward to you joining us, and our together seeing this church mission and miracle continue throughout Calgary and beyond.

A Multicultural Church

- 27 cultures represented so far.

On Sundays at the front of church with us you'll notice a growing array of flags of the nations represented in our congregation; 27 cultural backgrounds already.  We are excited about how God is drawing people from all kinds of backgrounds to build a Book of Acts community of faith together.  We look forward to meeting you and adding your flag to this collection, if it is not already there.  We're wanting to connect with all 120 languages / countries of origin represented in Calgary.