Lead Pastor

Henry Poitras

Pastor Henry counts it a privilege of his to have always worked with growing churches. Here is a resume approach to summing up his over 30 years of ministry experience; his community involvement and education. Below the resume on Pastor Henry is his wife’s ministry experience, and also an introduction to their family.


Pastor Henry's Ministry Experience

•Graduated from Bible College in 1984.

•Led churches for over 27 years as senior pastor. Built diverse ministry teams, with both larger and smaller churches.

•Served at Northeast Christian College, in Fredericton, NB as teacher, Chairman of the Board, and then as full-time Principal for a 5 year span.

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•Taught church growth methods around North America and overseas.

•Taught hundreds of home/group Bible studies; developed complete evangelism/church leadership and Bible study courses.

•Held church denominational positions like District Board Member/Presbyter, Home Missions Director for starting new churches, Sunday School Director, District Secretary Treasurer, District Superintendant, etc.

Other Education and Community Project/Management Experience

•Learned French.

•Set-up church sponsored day care, non-profit housing, and a homeless shelter, etc.

•Graduated in International Business in French, leading the class for Certified International Trade Professionalism status (2007), excelling in small to mid-size business and international business project planning.

•Completed certification with Harvard Manage Mentor (2010).

•Completed Federal government Program Officer training (2010) and Senior Development Officer training (2012).

•Completed Project Management Professional (PMP) studies (2015) for Project Management Institute PMP recognition. This PMP jouney included over 30 college level project managment courses, attening an intense PMP Boot Camp, after accumulating 7,500 hours of project managment experience.

Pastor Poitras followed the call of God to Bethel here in Calgary from New Brunswick in July, 2007. The church is now called The Penteocstals of Calgary; a mulit-cultural congregation with 23 nations represented. With the way the church is devloping and growing, a fresh and exciting chapter is being written in Calgary in each one of Pastor Henry's areas of experience.

You can call him "Pastor Henry". That's very much welcome. However, if you want a lesson in French, the name "Poitras", which is a very well known name in Quebec, is pronounced much like "Pwa-tra".

We're glad for what Pastor & Mrs. Poitras bring to leading The Pentecostals of Calgary/Bethel, and especially for their faith and faithful emphasis that God is going to keep building His church in Book of Acts fashion, even in the face of the seemingly impossible situations like real estate costs, as we just do the possible in a unified way.


Rosanne Poitras


Rosanne attended the same Bible College as her husband, after studying teaching at the University of New Brunswick. Her leading church music, Sunday School and Ladies functions in the churches they have pastored in their over 30 years of marriage and ministry together, has always been well appreciated. You will enjoy her pleasant spirit the most. It’s contagious.


Their Family


Pastor Henry and Rosanne have two grown children:

- Trevin, their eldest, is a graduate of the University of Calgary and serves as Assistant to the Pastor at our church. His is married to Alyssa, whom he met when she was attending Bible College, while he was at University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. Trevin, has also completed post-secondary education in Teaching English as a Second Language, and holds certification in that area. Trevin and Alyssa welcomed their first child, a boy in January, 2015. His name is Zadok, meaning "Righteous". Zadok is named after the first high priest in the temple of the Old Testament. Trevin and Alyssa welcomed their second child, a girl in September, 2016. Her name is Izabella Lynn.

- Joleen is a graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Petroleum Land Management, but has chosn to move on from that into Vet assisting. She excells in piano and singing.


Pastor and Mrs. Poitras live in the Evanston area of the city. They can be reached at 403 978 5015 or by email...






Assistant to the Pastor

Trevin Poitras

If you ask Trevin what his role is around our church he will probably answer with something like "I'm the Crack-filler". Trevin is no stranger to filling varying ministry roles, and loves being a part of a growing church.

In 2008, Trevin moved to Calgary from New Brunswick. In 2011, he completed a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary and married Alyssa who is also from New Brunswick. Both Trevin and Alyssa have completed short-term mission trips in Ghana, West Africa. Trevin has also completed a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Calgary and CAPPA Certification from Mount Royal University.

Trevin and Alyssa have two young children - Zadok and Izabella.

Trevin can be reached at tpoitras@thePentecostalsofCalgary.ca   

Music Director

Nicole Stuckey

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky Nicole Stuckey has always had a love for music ministry. She started taking piano lessons at 5 years old and joined her local church's choir at 8 years old.

Nicole holds an Associates Degree in Church Music from Gateway College of Evangelism (now Urshan College) in St Louis, Missouri. During her time there she was a part of the Choir, Chorale and the "United" ensemble. Since graduating she has been involved in music ministry both in Ontario for 4 years and then here in Calgary.

Nicole lives in Airdrie with her husband Larry and their three children - Georgia, Griffin and Genevieve.

Administrative Assistant

Jason Lungay